Bathrooms & Wet Rooms

Generally there are 3 main types of shower room suitable for the less mobile people amongst us and prioritise accessibility, safety and ease of use. Normally we would supply a new toilet and basin to go in your new shower room. The easiest shower room to use when mobility is an issue is a wet room, but there are also options for a level access shower room or low profile shower tray. Both wet rooms and level access shower rooms are able to be used by wheelchair users with or without assistance depending on the clients ability. All types can include wall mounted, fold down shower seats and grab rails. While there are similarities between all three, there are also key differences in terms of their design and features. Here’s an overview of each.

Our multi-trade fitters are not just professionals, they are specialists in creating accessible wet rooms and bathrooms that are not only safe and easy to use but they form part of your home. With a comprehensive skill set covering various trades, our team is dedicated to transforming spaces into accessible retreats that cater to the unique needs of individuals. You would have one fitter who carries out most of the work in your home, avoiding delays whilst waiting for numerous other trades. Your fitter would be supported by only 2 othe