About Us

Ian Bell married Glynis in October 2012, just over 8 weeks later G, as she likes to be called, suffered a stroke whilst in America with Ian visiting her daughter. This was a life changing moment for both Ian & G.

Ian says, “From that day our lives changed, and I started to understand the difficulties faced by people who have had sudden trauma”.

We have learnt a lot since 2012 about the adjustments that have to be made when living life confined to a wheelchair. We are not experts in every type of disability but we certainly empathise with anyone in a similar situation. We have had to have adaptions made to our house to enable us to continue living in what was always going to be our forever home

Why are we different?

In everything we do our client, their family and care givers are our main priority, we consider safety paramount, but balance that with living in the real world. We would like to have a chat first to see if we are able to help, that chat can be by phone, online or a visit to you following all social distancing guidelines. We would like to meet and chat to everyone who is involved in your household and would involve us listening to what you would like to achieve. Following this chat, we would come up with solutions and ideas to meet your requirements.