Wet Room Installation Bury St Edmunds

In need of professional wet room installers in Bury St Edmunds? We’d love to hear from you. We pride ourselves on the quality of our installations and adaptations for the elderly and disabled. If you’re interested as to why it’s so important to us, read our story here.

Wet Rooms

The easiest shower room to use when mobility is a challenge, is a wet room. Essentially a wet room is an open plan shower area integrated into the bathroom area which is fully accessible for wheelchair users and those with limited mobility. Our multi-trade fitters are not just professionals, they are specialists in creating accessible wet rooms that are not only safe and easy to use but they form part of your home. With a comprehensive skill set covering various trades, our team is dedicated to transforming spaces into accessible retreats that cater to the unique needs of individuals. You would have one fitter who carries out most of the work in your home, avoiding delays whilst waiting for numerous other trades. Your fitter would be supported by only 2 other trades – an electrician and specialist flooring contractor and we manage the whole project so it flows seamlessly.

Other Bathroom Accessibility Options

A wet room is not the only option available to those who wish to adapt a bathroom. A low level shower or level access shower room may be more appropriate. Below is a brief outline of both, if you’d like to learn more about either, you can do so here.

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Low level shower

A low-level shower refers to a specific type of shower tray or base that is installed at a lower height compared to standard shower trays. It is also commonly known as a low-profile shower tray. Here are some key characteristics of a low-level shower.

Level Access Shower Room

A level access shower room refers to a bathroom with a shower area that can be accessed without any steps or barriers. It is designed to be easily accessible for individuals with mobility challenges, such as those who use wheelchairs or have difficulty navigating steps.

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An example of a bathroom conversion into a wet room, fitted by Suffolk Mobility Solutions